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1000 Miles From Home

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Rarely in today’s fast paced, marketing driven music business do you come across a band that actually plays music because it is what they enjoy, respect and feel. 1000 Miles from Home is one of those rare bands.

Formed in Dallas, TX and comprised of 5 individuals with distinctly differing musical taste that range from Jeff Buckley and Smashing Pumpkins to Clutch, Fu Manchu, Bob Marley, and gospel standards, 1000 Miles from Home’s music has been described as nothing less than real musicians playing real music. No fancy packaging or frills, just 5 average Joes playing music that you can set your radio to.

1000 Miles from Home (Zac Carrington – vocals, Eddie Castillo – guitar, Jeff Widman – guitar, Keith Mitchell – drums, and Chris Bender – bass) is currently focusing on supporting their recently released debut EP entitled “Collusion.” “Collusion” has already garnered much support from its local fans as well as it’s extremely loyal MySpace fans. The band has had much success with the EP at college radio and will be hitting commercial radio this summer. The band believes that with the strength of the songs and the positive push they have received so far from print and Internet media this album is destined for a long run on the charts.

Call them what you want, quirky, catchy or just plain good; 1000 Miles from Home’s diverse gathering of energetic yet, telling songs and their dedication to their craft have set them on a path that is sure to keep them in the public eye for some time to come.

For booking information, email them at:

Hear all the tracks from their album ‘Collusion; on NAB Radio, including Betrayal, Confiding In Pylons, Explain The Explanation, Long Drive To Texas, The Man and When You Go.

It’s so good that once you’ve heard it on NAB Radio, you’ll be wanting your very own copy, so shuffle over to here and buy one, and some of the other goodies too

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October 17th, 2007 at 3:41 am

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