DJ Smitty

DJ Smitty

Geographic area: Daytona Beach, FL, USA
NAB Position: DJ


Hailing from the Daytona Beach area of Florida DJ Smitty a.k.a. “The Wild Thing” is NAB’s newest addition. 

Performing for over 15 years as a professional musician, DJ Smitty brings a unique perspective to NAB programming and an entirely new Indie Market from the Orlando and Gainesville FL club circuits.  His shows are high energy classic and contemporary rock formats, sound effects bordering on the insane, rock history lessons and true variety in song choices. 

You can never pin DJ Smitty down to a particular style or playlist.  You may hear Metallica one moment and go straight to a Swing Band.  The shows are fluid and often use email requests to bolster song lists.  It can get pretty crazy some nights, but the music is always good. 

DJ Smitty appears on NAB Radio on Friday’s and every 3rd Wednesday.  Watch the NAB Radio Blog daily for details on DJ Smitty’s upcoming shows. 

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