Gabby & The Wolf

Gabby & The Wolf

Geographic area: Ottawa, Canada
NAB Position: DJ

AKA Dan Blundon, is 27, and is trained as a professional radio personality. He lives in Ottawa, sharing a home with both his mother and grandfather, and works day to day as a high end Stereo & TV salesfur. He is Therianthropic, more commonly known as "Furry", which is essentially a form of animal spiritualisim. For those wondering which animal, he is a rabbit. He is a skilled PC technician, A/V hardware specialist, an ameatur Titanic historian, and very cuddly. ^_^

Among his favorite passtimes, are reading novels, watching movies, and listening to music. But above all, his favorite leisure time activity is learning survival skills and campcraft from Frei. Whom is also your cohost for our (hopefully) fine show.

Eric B. FreiWolf... Suuuper Geenius. AKA The Wolf,
is Eric Banderman, 29, who also lives in the Ottawa area. He is also therianthropic, obviously, a wolf, or Lycanthrope. His territory spans many miles squared, as he is a survivalist. His chosen home is in the woods, with the tree canopy and stars for a ceiling. He lives this way year round, and has "Been brought to his knees, weeping." by the sheer beauty of his home in nature. Day to day, he works as a maintenance manager for a toy store. Among his favorite activities are listening to music, philosophizing on his lifestyle, free running, and inventing. His various hammered together inventions include pocket sized alcohol stoves constructed from soda cans, and camp fire powered hot water heaters.


Weekly Show: Gabby & The Wolf 20:00 EDT - 23:00 EDT Saturdays. Three hours of great music, and banter

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